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EMINƎM FOR LIFƎ. Aimee. 19. My boyfriend is better than yours.

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I’m sorry if I offend anyone but being suicidal is bullshit. On Sunday my sister tried to kill herself and we were all worried but you know why she did it? Because she’s tired of living at my mom’s place. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF EXCUSE IS THAT. she has all the support anyone could ever want but does she take it? NO BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO TELL HER FRIENDS THAT HER FAMILY DOESNY SUPPORT HER SO THEY CAN TAKE PITY ON HER. I am so mad I’m shaking and I’m light headed this is so fucking stupid I want to punch her in the face


"what does your tattoo mean?"

It means I wanted it so I fucking got it


french weed joke: